Profile Marcel:

Please let me introduce myself: My name is Marcel Everaarts and I was born and raised in the Netherlands.

In my childhood I was already fascinated by horses and I sartet riding when I was 14 years old. Through a job (besides school) I was able to pay private horse riding lessons.

I always thought and I am still thinking that you can learn much more through private then group lessons.

Very early I realised that it was much more than only a fascination - I really wanted to learn more. Therefore I often looked at the sideline while instructors were teaching. That increased my knowledge.

After I finished high school I visited the riding academy in Deurne and graduated successfully. During and after my education I was riding horses which where prepared and sold for competitions. As a result I could develop myself in a way, which helped me to train the horeses with their different characteristics on every level in their own way. I even did not only prepare horses for competitions, but also worked in several stables where they teached dressage. Through that I could increase my qualities as a dressage rider enormously. I learnd from horses which where ridden ont the highest level.

I was riding different horses in competitions. At the moment I own a Friesian horse aged seven years. His origin is Anders 451 x Jasper 366 and he is very willing to work. With him I would like to join tournaments here in Austria.


My slogan is:

Qualitiy takes som time, but in the end you will reach it!


Best regards,


Marco ´t Hart